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About Vermelle's Place

Lisa Wigfall, the founder of Quality Comprehensive Health Center, embarked on her journey as an entrepreneur while balancing the role of a single mother. Starting in her humble kitchen, she was accompanied by her mother, Vermelle Matthews, who stood as her unwavering pillar of support. Vermelle not only provided invaluable guidance but also served as a long-time board member in various capacities.

Recognizing the pressing housing needs in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lisa was determined to pay homage to her mother by naming our housing program after her. This heartfelt tribute gave birth to Vermelle's Place, a transitional housing facility comprising 50 units.

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Vermelle's Place stands as a beacon of hope in Charlotte, NC, offering a safe haven for individuals in need of transitional housing. With its 50 well-appointed units, this facility aims to bridge the gap between homelessness and permanent housing, providing residents with the stability and support necessary to rebuild their lives.

At Vermelle's Place, the vision of Lisa Wigfall and the legacy of Vermelle Matthews intertwine seamlessly, reflecting their unwavering commitment to the community. With Lisa's expertise in healthcare and Vermelle's invaluable insights, this comprehensive health center goes beyond housing, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

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